Biography of akbar in english

Interesting facts and biography of Akbar the great mughal

biography of akbar in english

Complete biography of the legendary mugal emperor, akbar

Barr helped lee-char defy the Empire in their trade negotiations, enough to have moff Wilhuff Tarkin park the sovereign above mon Cala. 7 As the negotiations in Dac City with Tarkin's ambassador Telvar went nowhere, the Emperor sent Darth Vader, three inquisitors and a squad of elite clone troopers to dac City. Upon their arrival, Ackbar stopped the inquisitors and demanded their business. The ninth Sister gave ackbar an Imperial writ legally stopping anyone from bringing any harm to her and the other two inquisitors. Ackbar however thought it was outrageous and Darth Vader stepped. Ackbar refused to let them past without knowing their business, to that Vader gave in and told him of a possible enemy of the Empire. Telvar's shuttle took off in the meantime and when Ackbar refused to believe an enemy of the Empire was on Mon Cala, telvar's shuttle exploded. 7 Ackbar leading the attack on Colonel Bergon's aerial landing platform Vader pushed past Ackbar and Tarkin sent Imperial forces, led by major Rantu, down to invade mon Cala.

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Ackbar looked across the plaza and nodded. The quarren soldiers quietly distributed arms to the clones and troops, while ri swam across the plaza, created an ink cloud, and grabbed the prince. Ackbar's troops opened fire on the separatists and the battle raged once more. Ackbar charged the aqua droids, leading the battle from his side, while lee-char proved himself plan by leading the rest of the forces and killing Tamson, a fearsome warrior—thereby freeing Mon Cala. Ackbar, the jedi and ri, rushed to the young prince and congratulated him. 6 Some time later, Ackbar attended lee-char's coronation as the king of Mon Cala, like his father had once done. Ackbar stood to the right of the ceremonial throne, witnessing ri's pledge of allegiance of the quarren to king lee-char. And lee-char likewise pledged his loyalty to all the people of Mon Cala. 6 Imperial Era Edit Defending Mon Cala Edit Commander Ackar listening to Ambassador tevlar's proposals Approximately one year after the republic became the galactic Empire, ackbar held the rank of commander as the Chief of Security for King lee-char. During the first year of the Imperial Era, lee-char had become under the influence of a jedi padawan named Ferren Barr.

Tano added that she had retrolisthesis seen similar occurrences of dooku manipulating a planet's people to start a civil war, so the prince said that he would find and show ri the truth. Ackbar agreed to the prince's noble plan and said he would marshal the mon Calamari troops for battle. Lee-char also gave the captain his signal of when to attack: when a quarren attacked a separatist. Just then, a legion of aqua droids appeared and put the prince under arrest. Lee-char willingly went with his captors in order to confront ri and show him the truth. 6 Later, lee-char was sentenced to death by tamson, and ordered that all the prisoners be taken to the capital to witness the execution. Tamson's Karkarodon enforcers surrounded the prince while tamson read aloud the prince's crimes against the separatist state. Meanwhile, ackbar and the other prisoners watched from the side. One of ri's aides materialized and handed Ackbar his baton and informed him that lee-char's boldness had worked: ri and the quarren had agreed to expel to confederates and reclaim Mon Cala.

biography of akbar in english

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A separatist Trident -class assault ship soon arrived and began spinning; creating a vortex that confused the battlefront and scattered soldiers on both sides. Ackbar grabbed on to skywalker, swam him to the gunship, and threw him up. Skywalker severed one of its legs with his lightsaber, causing the craft to spin out of control and crash. However, with their surge in forces nullified, the republic-aligned troops were taken prisoner by the separatists. 18 Ackbar, his troops and the clones were taken to a prison camp on the ocean floor, while skywalker, Amidala and Fisto were personally interrogated by tamson. Tano and the prince, however, managed to elude capture again, but rainbow the lee-char thought to rally the forces—Mon Calamari, gungan, clone, jedi and even quarren—to all together overwhelm Tamson and his droids. So he infiltrated the prison camp Ackbar was detained in to ask his guidance. Ackbar and Tills rejoiced when they saw the prince alive, but were confounded when lee-char explained his daring plan to reunify the citizens of Mon Cala against the separatist invaders. Ackbar was shocked that the prince would ally himself with the people who had killed his father, but lee-char told Ackbar that he knew for fact that Tamson had done.

Skywalker used the force to cause it to collapse while Ackbar defended him from aqua droids. The group retreated after the mission succeeded. However, tamson correctly deduced that the scanner mast alone had been targeted because republic reinforcements were forthcoming. Therefore, he launched another attack. Ackbar and the others fought the separatist soldiers in order to keep their attention on them, rather than searching for the prince. Ackbar and the others were soon surrounded by hydroid Medusas, but were saved when the republic reinforcements arrived: a venator -class Star Destroyer deployed members of the gungan Grand Army from Naboo—who, like the mon Calamari and quarren, were amphibians. 18 counter-attack Edit The gungans attacked using their traditional weapons— boomas and atlatls —whose plasma -based technologies disabled the hydroid Medusas, droids and quarren alike, and freed Ackbar, tills and skywalker, who joined the turning tide of the battle.

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biography of akbar in english

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While regrouping in the caves, the jedi council was contacted in order to arrange the deployment of more republic soldiers. However, before an agreement could be reached, the council's signal was jammed, leaving Ackbar and the others unsure if the council planned to send reinforcements. Ackbar and skywalker agreed that it was likely troops would be sent, but lee-char believed they would arrive too late to do any good against the confederacy. Taking the lead, lee-char devised a way to escape the planet: take the republic frigate on the water's surface to coruscant, the republic's capital. The plan was agreed on, so the group began the ascent to the surface.

A plethora of enemy troops stood in their path, so fisto diverted the enemy forces and sent down several One man Submersible devilfish to expedite the ascent. 18 However, as they neared the ship, it exploded and the debris rained down over Ackbar and the others. Skywalker told the others to grab onto the debris so it could pull them back down to the ocean floor. Ackbar did so, and as they fell, he voiced that they should split up into summary two teams to better protect the true location of the prince. Lee-char agreed, and Ackbar told him to be careful, as he was Mon Calamari's last hope. The prince then went with Tano, fisto and the clones, while Ackbar's group, Amidala, skywalker and Tills, planned to disrupt the city's communications, which would prevent Tamson from knowing that Republic reinforcements were incoming until it was too late for him to mount a proper. 18 Ackbar, skywalker and Tills headed to the city's central planetary scanner mast to topple.

Lee-char, realizing the wisdom in Ackbar's words, began to rally their forces. 5 civil War on Mon Cala Edit The gamble soon paid off when the droids and quarren retreated to their transports. Ackbar voiced to the jedi that they had won the first assault. Tills, thinking they had completely defeated the separatists, told lee-char to start dictating for the separatists' surrender. Ackbar halted Till's hasty assumptions; the first wave had been beaten, not the battle.

However, just then, dozens of massive cyborg Hydroid Medusas descended upon the city. The seemingly invincible jellyfish swept their tentacles through the clone troopers and Mon Calamari, electrocuting many. More droids materialized from behind, and as they were outmatched, Ackbar told the prince it was time to retreat. The pair agreed that the caves on the ocean floor were the safest place, so they fled to the caves. Once there, lee-char expressed his concern that his father would have been disappointed in him for the failures that he had befallen during the day's events. Ackbar, however, assured the young prince that Kolina would have been proud of his son. 5 Ackbar, fisto, skywalker and Amidala request reinforcements from the jedi council.

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Yoda, therefore, in order to keep Mon Cala aligned with writing the republic, dispatched a company of clone scuba troopers, jedi kit Fisto and skywalker's Padawan Ahsoka tano, to bolster the defenses of the mon Calamari. Ackbar then met with Mon Cala's senator in the galactic Senate, meena tills, who officially assigned Ackbar to protect lee-char during the forthcoming battle. Ackbar, however, thought it foolhardy to take the prince onto the battlefront, as he was too inexperienced in combat, though, he gave in, as it was a longstanding tradition for the monarch of Mon Cala to lead the soldiers into battle. 5 Ackbar leads the charge against the separatists. Later, lee-char addressed the gather troops, telling them he did not believe the quarren intended to attack, but before he finished, the quarren army attacked, along with Separatist aqua droids led by tamson; prompting Ackbar to proclaim "It's an attack." Ackbar and skywalker quickly rallied. Ackbar then led the charge into the enemy ranks and ordered his troops not to let their homeworld fall to the confederacy. The fighting continued, and soon thereafter, yoda came through: The republic's reinforcements arrived. Ackbar moved back to the prince's position, handed him a blaster, telling him to earn the respect of the people; he had to lead the fight.

biography of akbar in english

Members of the quarren Isolation league, however, which was led by Chieftan Nossor ri, took tulsa credit for the crime 16 in order to provoke a civil war on the planet, 17 thereby preventing the rightful heir to the throne, the young Prince lee-char, from ascending. Ackbar, as the captain of the mon Cal Knights, became lee-char's protector. 5 In the mon Calamari capital, a meeting was soon held, where jedi Knight Anakin skywalker and senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo attended as representatives to the republic. 5 However, the quarren isolationists ensured Tamson—one of count dooku's many separatist enforcers—was present as well. The quarren dignitaries voiced that they did not want lee-char as their king because he was too young and inexperienced. As the debates went on, what the quarren did want became clear: a quarren king, not another Mon Calamari ruler. Lee-char assured the quarren that he was dedicated to serving both races in a mutually beneficial way, tamson, however, ordered him to cease speaking, as he had not "earned the right." Ackbar rushed in and reminded the karkarodon that he had no say,. Ri then said that the quarren, their argument not agreed to, were done with the negotiations and exited. 5 Ackbar, skywalker, and Amidala reported in to the jedi council, specifically jedi master Yoda, aboard a republic frigate, where Ackbar informed the council that a civil war on Mon Cala was inevitable.

the first Order superweapon known as Starkiller Base. Ackbar was later present on the bridge of the resistance's flagship the raddus when the resistance evacuated from d'qar, but was blown up and killed when the first Order attacked the ship after it exited hyperspace. Biography Edit Early life Edit gial Ackbar was born on the aquatic planet Mon Cala during the final years of the galactic Republic. 14 Mon Cala was a part of the republic, ruled by supreme Chancellor Sheev palpatine, and Ackbar eventually enlisted into military service to the mon Calamari guard, which was tasked with protecting Mon Cala's monarchs and dignitaries. 15 Ackbar eventually worked his way through the ranks of the guard, and became its captain ; therefore, he also became the chief military advisor to the leader of the ocean world. 14 The Clone wars Edit Captain of the mon Calamari guard Edit " Soldiers of Mon Calamari: This is your home! Do not let it fall! " Ackbar, to his troops src Mon Cala's capital city, where Ackbar lived and served King Yos Kolina ruled Mon Cala during the Clone wars, between the confederacy of Independent Systems and the galactic Republic. The war subsequently came to mon Cala when Separatist Riff Tamson assassinated Kolina.

His presence attracted Mon Calamari support for the Alliance, thus supplying the. Mon Calamari star cruisers that made up a bulk of the. From his command ship of, home One, ackbar acted as the fleet commander during the battle of Endor, in which the Alliance successfully mounted an attack that led to report the destruction of the Empire's second death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine. After the battle of Endor, the Alliance formed the new Republic. Ackbar became a fleet admiral of the new Republic Defense Fleet and led the republic to its victory over the Empire during the battle of jakku. After the battle on jakku ended, the Empire retreated into the Unknown Regions and Ackbar retired to mon Cala. By 34 aby, the emerging threat of the first Order, which arose from the ashes of the Empire, led Princess leia organa to form the resistance without the support of the republic that had turned a blind eye to the first Order.

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Gial Ackbar was a veteran male, mon Calamari soldier and strong revolutionary leader during the. Clone wars, the, galactic civil War, the cold war, and the war between the, resistance and the, first Order. Throughout his sixty years of service, ackbar was regarded as a brilliant tactician. Ackbar was captain of the. Mon Calamari guard during the Clone wars write and fought in the. Battle of Mon Cala, in which he helped to secure. Prince, lee-char 's ascent as, king of, mon Cala and repel the, confederacy of Independent Systems. After the rise of the. Galactic Empire, ackbar became the foremost military commander in the, alliance to restore the republic, emerging as a symbol of defiance against the Empire's subjugation of non- humans.

Biography of akbar in english
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  6. Bīrbal: Bīrbal, Brahman courtier of the mughal emperor Akbar. With a reputation as a skilled poet and a charismatic wit, he joined Akbars court early in the emperors reign and became one of his closest advisers. Gial Ackbar was a veteran male mon Calamari soldier and strong revolutionary leader during the Clone wars, the galactic civil War, the cold war, and the war between the resistance and the first Order).

  7. Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar ( popularly known as Akbar I (IPA: was the third Mughal emperor, who reigned from 1556 to 1605. Ali akbar Khan was a hindustani classical musician of the maihar gharana, known for his virtuosity in playing the ained as a classical musician and instrumentalist by his father, Allauddin Khan, Khan also composed several classical ragas and film scores. Visit m's naim Akbar Page and shop for all naim Akbar books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of naim Akbar.

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