Poetry writing assignment

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poetry writing assignment

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Say something we don't expect—even if it doesn't make sense. Use your right brain, the place where the crazy ideas are. Don't let it dry up like a raisin. Don't become another boring adult." This kind of talk is essential at first, freeing students from the obligation to be profound or entertaining, or from trying to "psych out" the teacher. Sometimes the mechanics of writing get in the way of creativity. It helps to put the following "rules" on the board: Don't plan in advance how the poem will end.

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Setting the tone This is a warm-up activity. I tell the students what they write may turn out looking day like a poem, or it may not—that's. What matters is that we wake up and encourage our poor, neglected, "right brains from which metaphors and intuition come. I tell students, "Practice letting the mind wander. Get credit for. Discover that you can start with the same idea as everyone else, and your singh own unique creativity can shine through." I make sure that students understand that poems, unlike correctly constructed prose paragraphs, sometimes begin with one idea and get, surprisingly, off the subject. At about this point, someone will say, " poetry is boring." I respond, "Yes some poems are boring; it's true. But some people are boring. Maybe some poems fail to surprise. Maybe those people have forgotten how to be surprised." I tell my students, "Surprise.

—barb., newport High School, newport, Oregon What is this writing assignment? How can it be introduced in the classroom—not in a specially designated creative writing class, but in your average elementary, middle, or high school class that, like most classes, has had little previous contact with poetry and may not like it? The "chain poem" is one way to break the ice. I call my invention a chain poem, because it relies for its structure on a string of spontaneously generated words. I introduce this structure usually during the first part of a longer poetry unit. Writing chain poems gives nearly all students some measure of success, especially when they know in advance their words will not be graded, corrected, or criticized—for this is an experiment, after all, and who knows how it will turn out? Writing a chain poem is an activity in stream of consciousness or free association. One idea links with the next, and the next, and the next. In writing chain poems, we practice thinking the way poets think, focusing, in the rough draft, more on process than product, trusting the unconscious mind to come up with its own internal, intuitive kind of logic, developing taxi confidence that we can get past writer's block.

poetry writing assignment

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I reflected about last night. I essay began to remember a thought that I came up with. A joke came to mind. It was making fun of someone or ridiculing them. I decided to do away with that joke. —todd., Indian Hills Middle School, sandy, utah. As I look in the mirror I say it's morning too early way before sunrise not time to think about running on a beach or the chattering seagulls flying like airplanes soon to be hijacked.

In this description of the "chain poem she shows how teachers can help their students achieve surprise. Stafford someone asked of the famous American poet, "When did you become a poet?" "When did you stop?" he replied. Here are three poems written in response to the same assignment. All are first drafts; each was written in a classroom setting, in about ten minutes, by writers who had written few (if any) poems before. Each was written after less than half an hour of preparation by me, the visiting writer. Mirror, you can't keep your self-image abstaining from self-criticism. The vanity of life actions without consequences! What's the reason for it all? —a teacher in Haltern, germany, as I look in the mirror.

Free and easy poetry assignment

poetry writing assignment

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Write 5 original poems (at least ten lines, or 500 words for prose poems). It'd be particularly helpful if baldwin you wrote the piece with a character or setting in mind, and feel free to use your creative exercises as prompts. Sometimes it's helpful to come up with a central focus for all 5 poems, but that's not necessary. Give your collection a title. Print the title on a cover page, along with a preface statement if you wish (not required).

All assignments need to be emailed to me by the deadline. Here are some links that might be helpful! Eative- writing m/how-to-write- poetry. By: Ingrid Wendt, publication: The quarterly, vol. Date: Spring 2003, summary : Wendt claims poems are boring only when they fail to surprise. "Surprise me she tells students.

Poets use line breaks to force the reader to focus on a specific word or image, to create a sense of suspense, or even to make a poem more pleasing to the ear. A poet may even spend hours pondering punctuation, wondering, for example, whether a period or semi-colon would be stronger — or even whether to use punctuation at all! . Though a work of fiction will usually be much longer than a poem, it can be helpful for fiction writers to consider their work as a puzzle, too. Of course, not every scene in a book will be action-packed, but every scene can, and should, serve a purpose, even if it just establishes a setting or a backstory. Each element of your well-crafted piece of fiction should develop the story you want to tell. Help you capture images in an unusual way: William Carlos Williams, a famous poet of the imagism poetry movement, once said that there are no ideas but in things.

And sometimes, the entire idea of a poem is only to describe a thing. One only needs to look as far as Williams poem, The red Wheelbarrow, or Ezra pounds haiku-like poem, In a station of the metro for proof. And while a work of fiction will be more than just a description, it is important that an author be able to completely and originally describe the people and places in his story. Fiction writers can look to poetry for original and beautiful descriptions of everyday happenings and objects. . The next time you find yourself wondering how to describe a blue-eyed beauty or the setting sun, read some image-heavy poetry (again, williams and pound are a good place to start, and Marianne moore, elizabeth Bishop, and John Ashbery should not be forgotten, either and. You may be surprised to see that the line you come up with is more original than what you might have otherwise written. So here's your assignment.

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Whether you've dabbled in lyric form for years already, or claim to "just not get travel it poetry can: Open your mind to new possibilities: If you flip through a poetry anthology, you may be surprised to see that there is no one poetic format. You will, of summary course, find poems in traditional verse like the sonnet, written in fourteen lines of ten syllables. However, you may also find prose poems written in paragraphs, or even visual poems, arranged to resemble the things they describe. . The point is that theres no one way that a poem should look — and theres no one way that fiction should. Though publishers will require that the format of your manuscript adhere to certain standards, the content of your fiction can be whatever you want it. You can tell a story through letters, in the format of a diary, or even include some snippets of poetry, perhaps written by a character. Help you pay attention to detail: A well-crafted poem is like a puzzle: each aspect is deliberate and works toward a unified purpose.

poetry writing assignment

As you provide evidence of student learning, think about: Did your students writing improve? You will need to code your students' poetry samples; in other words, you may look for evidence of the following: poetic language (i.e., exaggeration, onomatopoeia, alliteration, repetition, unique punctation) vivid verb choice informational content rich descriptions Are the results different from what you projected? Will you continue to explore poetry as a means of integrating other curricula areas? Describe the impact this assignment has had on your teaching. Take digital photos of your students researching, composing, sharing, and/or publishing their poems. We will share our projects during our last class meeting! The Greeks told stories both to preserve their culture and entertain, and later generations used oral storytelling often set to music or even told poetically through meter and rhyme. The poem-like format of these stories assured that the tale stayed in both the mind short of the speaker and of those in his audience. But there are tons of ways that poetry can help the creative writer.

have not written the "lesson plan" rather included an outline of what took place. For a comprehensive view of the project, check out Maria blevins 3rd graders: m/ poetry -class- assignment / Ashley wright's 2nd Graders: m/ poetry - assignment / Angie sigmon's 3rd Graders: m/ poetry - assignment / Kari harrington's Plan, invitation, and Rubric. Rubric for your poetry assignment aspects of lesson Possible points Lesson context is specified: q  content area q  topic of study q  grade level and grouping structure /3 Mini-lesson: Provides support for students by focusing on precise description and interesting word choice and is clearly. Share any important details and/or observations that may not have been included in your original plan. Discuss the impact on student learning or the results of the poetry project.  you will reference student scores on the rubric, student writing samples, pre/post tests, observations of, conversations and/or interviews with students.

You may choose any poetic form. You will include a "shared writing " plan where you compose a poem together, with your class, before students engage in independent research and composition. Your plan will include a description of a mini-lesson that you will teach to support students in writing a poem with precise descriptions and interesting word choices. . That is, your mini-lesson should take place before independent writing and should help students become aware of how to choose words thoughtfully in order to create effective descriptions. Develop an time invitation and rubric that you will give to your students. You will take your students through the writing process. Please describe how you will publish student work and provide evidence of students' published work.

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Poetry, assignment, personal, poetry, writing, for the last several class meetings, you have been learning about and writing different forms of poetry : Free verse poems, i poems, concrete poems, acrostic poems, found poems, and haiku poems. You also have read about other forms of poetry through class readings and web sites. Based on your personal poetry writing experiences and your reading about poetry, complete the following assignment with your students. This is the only assignment that you are required to complete in your classroom. If you do not have access to a classroom, talk with members of our class who are practicing teachers. Assignment : Describe a context in which your students are learning about a nonfiction topic such as an animal, person, place, or event. . For example, students might be studying Pirates, communitities, wwii, or they might be learning about animal life cycles, landforms, or the rainforest. Describe the instructional grouping structure: individual, small-group, or whole-class. Create a plan for inviting students to gather information about a topic (research) and then short to transform that information through poetry writing.

Poetry writing assignment
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  4. This section contains descriptions of the two essay assignments. What were the poet s probable aims in writing. Yet many writers of the period describe poetry.

  5. Lines rhymes: Assignments list poem: center a poem around things that are the same color, cause the same emotion, or share some common characteristic. The Chain poem, a way of Breaking the Ice. The first part of a longer poetry unit. Writing chain poems gives nearly all.

  6. For the last several class meetings, you have been learning about and writing different forms of poetry. The Greeks told stories both to preserve their culture and entertain. Eative- writing m/how-to-write- poetry.

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