Portia and bassanio relationship essay

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portia and bassanio relationship essay

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Suggesting that his wealth does not make him entirely contented. However, Shylock seems to show that maybe money is every thing, Shylock is only interested in money and the creation of money. As we see later in the play, that Shylocks loss of ducats is more significant than the disappearance of his daughter, my daughter! Shylock refers to his ducats more than his daughter he also says I would my daughter were dead at my foot This shows the cruel side of Shylock. Shylocks love for money is great, although revenge is sweeter. As we see when Shylock is determined to see antonio die, he refuses to receive three times the amount that is owed to spare Antonios life. Shylock is seen as evil through his pursuit of the pound of flesh, and he tries to show his humanity, hath not a jew eyes If you prick us do we not bleed In order to excuse his behavior.

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Solanio says we leave you now in better company. This" shows thesis that Solanio respects them since he doesnt want to intrude on there meeting. In this essay, i will show how the themes of love, marriage, friendship and money and how they overlap in the merchant of Venice. In this play, the main theme is money and this theme is portrayed throughout the merchant of Venice, being presented in many different ways. Prejudice is also a large theme used, which essay is tied in with the theme of money. Shylock and Antonio and their bond of a pound of flesh. Shakespeare wanted to show that money cant buy you love. Money contributes largely in the merchant of Venice and it is the main theme shown. Firstly we see, bassanio who needs to borrow a sum of money from Antonio his friend, and although Antonio is wealthy, he is not happy as he says. Bassanio that he does not know why he is so sad.

Which could be evidence for him being embarrassed of his relationship with, bassanio since it might be homosexual. In the preformed version Antonio raises his voice when he red replies which means he could be trying to cover up his feelings for. He doesnt seem to want anyone to know about this and completely dismisses the idea that he likes. Bassanio as Solanio tries to imply this idea. When, bassanio finally arrives he runs up the stair as he is in a hurry when he really isnt. This demonstrates that he is excited to see antonio, which shows there relationship is strong. Bassanio runs up the stairs and has a rushed conversation with Salerio which also indicates he is in a hurry to meet Antonio.

portia and bassanio relationship essay

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This could alter the audiences view on the play, as this theme is noticeable and retrolisthesis quite obvious. There are various themes that go on from beginning to end of the play one of which is the law in Venice. This scene shows how anxious. Bassanio is about Antonio losing his pound of flesh to shylock. In the preformed version you show more content, secondly this could mean he is unsteady like the ocean and is nervous regarding the arrival. In the preformed version Michael universities Radford starts with a panning shot to show all the characters in the seen, Antonio is looking out the window and not really focusing on the conversation he is meant to be having with Salerio and Solanio. The next most significant thing is the fact that when he sees. Bassanio about to arrive antonio has a sudden mood change. Solanio says, Why then, you are in love this shows the reaction towards Antonio and, bassanio because Antonio replies with fie, fie!

In the 21st century we are less as willing to accept this and perhaps wish Portia had more control. We recognize that Bassanio has set out to win Portia purely for financial gain. Though this may have been common in Shakespearean times it appears wrong to us today. In our world Bassanio and Portia probably would not have be compatible. In that sense i felt the relationship between Bassanio and Portia to be slightly disappointing as the supposed romantic "fairy tale" ending doesn't leave us quite satisfied. Antonio and, bassanio are mainly presented as a pair throughout the play. Their relationship, reaction of other characters towards them, thoughts and feeling they express are significant factors that contribute to answering the question. In the preformed version of Michael Radford Merchant of Venice there is a strong depiction of homosexuality, which is his own analysis of their relationship.

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portia and bassanio relationship essay

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She is subtly manipulating him and nova giving her the power to later lecture him on her priorities. Keeping in mind the attitudes of the time, bassanio 's reaction at this point is not entirely surprising. It may have been perfectly acceptable that he has not recognized her change in attitude. He simply does as she says: "making haste" to Antonio. He does not seem surprised that Portia has completely taken control, making orders and telling him what to do like a man, instead of being obedient and sensitive. This perhaps suggests that he is relatively unperceptive and uninterested in her as a person, though he could be simply be deeply concerned about Antonio. This is still however putting his male friend before his new wife who he is supposedly in love with.

The relationship is perhaps more recognizable to a 21st century audience as a fairy-tale books with a twist. Though 16th century attitudes were different and perhaps you couldn't separate courtship from wealth, especially if you occupied a position in society similar to that of Bassanio 's. In Shakespeare's time it was very difficult for any women of social standing to live independently from men, as women were dependent, as Portia was, first on their fathers and then on their husbands. The law gave women no other option, as they were not allowed to own property or have wealth in their own name. As Portia knows the law, a 16th century audience would have been satisfied with the fact that though she must be a well-trained wife, she has found in Bassanio someone who will not completely abuse her rights. To them Bassanio was probably a perfectly acceptable romantic "lead" even though he moves in a complex not and less then admirable society.

The male guests bring bad news. Bassanio 's friend Antonio, and the previously idyllic setting of Belmont is ruined by the announcement. Bassanio 's language becomes real and genuine as he talks of his "dear" friend Antonio and the loan. It is clear that in Shakespeare's time male friendship was viewed as the highest sort of relationship between people, and, portia recognizes that even that of man and wife cannot rival. This again reminds us that Venice and now Belmont are very male dominated societies, and it appears that even Portia accepts this. When she does speak it is only to back up Bassanio or to remind him that "she is half of him" and that he must do anything he can to help Antonio.

She doesn't offer an opinion as we expect her do and speaks only to bassanio, when voicing her sympathies. However in line 298 the audience begins to restore its faith in the female lead as she orders Bassanio to pay antonio "six thousand ducats" and then to "double it and treble that" until Shylock is satisfied. Portia at this point appears to be re-gaining control and making it known that though a man must as usual control her, she still has priorities. She will not submit completely to all the demands of her role as a dutiful wife. It is clear that though she may have to be controlled by bassanio, she hasn't completely lost her confidence and character as we thought she had before. She is still able to give orders and use her "gold" to take complete control of the situation, perhaps foreshadowing that she will play an even greater role in the future. We begin to recognize a possible ulterior motive, as she no longer talks of love; rather the fact that the marriage is a "business" and she urges Bassanio to leave and "be gone" as soon as possible, even though it is their wedding night. Perhaps she is trying to appear demure and sensitive so bassanio will not recognize her as the "learned doctor". Before leaving, portia gives Bassanio a ring symbolizing his loyalty to her.

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And although they do student eventually do come to love one and another, our first sight of them together is awkward and their exchanges seem very forced though they speak of true love. Portia 's step down from her role as "queen" of Belmont and. Bassanio 's coronation as "lord, governor and king" continues as even more men step into the formerly female dominated world of Belmont. In lines 219-224 their guests are welcomed. Bassanio not, portia, who simply says, "so am I" when. Bassanio speaks of his pleasure at their arrival. The men are dominant in most of this scene just. Bassanio becomes more and more controlling.

portia and bassanio relationship essay

This suggests that, portia was something highly desirable, but now he has her, he wants something else. Shakespeare's use of rhyme as he reads the scroll makes his response all too similair to that of the other suitors. It is therefore surprising when he is supposed to have tar won a "prize" of true love. His speech is far too perfect and is not spontaneous, making it appear practiced and not very genuine. Shakespeare seems to be reminding us that. Bassanio set out to win, portia 's hand in marriage purely for financial gain, even asking Antonio for an "investment" and that his intentions have been far from honourable. This is the beginning of the relationship.

and intellect albeit controlled by a man through "the will of her dead father". However in this scene, with the over-run of men in Belmont, a very different personality emerges. Portia appears to dedicate herself to being a dutiful wife, completely submissive to her husband. Bassanio, and later claims that to be worthy of him she would need to be "a thousand times more fair". She says that she is a "unlessoned school girl giving a very modest description of herself, as we know her to be very clever. Even though this is her expected role in the 16th century, it seems strange to us today that even her character and intelligence seem to be adjusted for him. In the scene, though. Bassanio 's successful choice of caskets is inevitable, we are still surprised by his low-key reaction to the winning.

Mine own, i would say; but if mine, then yours, And so all yours. There you have. Portia is, bassanio 's. This may be idle lover's talk; however, it does signify the beginning of a possessive relationship in which, paper bassanio is the possessor! Directly after, portia is "won" by, bassanio 's correct choice in caskets she states, happiest of all, is that her gentle spirit. Commits itself to yours to be directed, As from her lord, her governor, her king. Myself, and what is mine, to you and yours. I was the lord of this fair mansion, master of my servants, queen o'er myself; and even now, but now. We will writustom, essay, sample.

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The question has been proposed whether. Portia was her own woman, and if after she married. Bassanio would she still be the protector of her fortune. I researched for evidence to the theory that. Portia was not her own, her fortune was not her own, and she was bound financially to her husband after marriage. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this particular arrangement, and I don't feel that the relationship should continue to be hailed as a progressive, feminist relationship. The best evidence i could find were the words which were spoken and out. Portia 's own mouth, One half of me is yours, the other half yours.

Portia and bassanio relationship essay
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Antonio and Bassanio, antonio and Bassanio are mainly presented hero analysis essay film as antonio and bassanio relationship essay. How does Shakespeare present the relationship.

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